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10 Tips To Finding The Best


There’s been quite a few changes in Mandurah in recent times. A change that affected the bookkeeping industry, not just in Mandurah, but nationwide, is legislation requiring freelance bookkeepers to become registered with the Tax Board.


Check if they are registered. You may have found quite a few freshly qualified Registered BAS Agents in and around Mandurah.


For some, bookkeeping is seen as an easy way to earn some extra income. Ask how many clients they have.


As business owners you can easily be overwhelmed by the selection of available bookkeepers in the Mandurah area.


It stands to reason that you would want the best Mandurah bookkeeping service to handle our bookkeeping. To help you decide how to choose the best Mandurah bookkeeping service, I have compiled 10 points to consider.



1. Timetable

Any business that can provide the service well is almost always fully booked up for at least a few weeks in advance. Ask your bookkeeper how many hours they have available in their calendar right now.



2. Qualifications

Having a qualification simply means that you’ve attended and completed the program, it doesn’t necessarily confirm that you are any good at what you are needing to do. As About what experience they have.



3. Registration

If you need a freelance bookkeeper to lodge your BAS, then they need to be registered BAS Agents, so you should ask them for their BAS Registration number.



4. Experience

Nothing beats the school of hard knocks. If your bookkeeper hasn’t been doing bookkeeping for long they may not have the experience or expertise that you are seeking.



5. Length of Service

Many bookkeepers will tell you they’ve been doing bookkeeping for many years. This may be true, but if they’ve only been doing bookkeeping work for a couple of hours a week, those years of experience really may only equate to a total of a few months experience.


6. Fees and Charges

The first question that you may want to ask a prospective bookkeeper is their hourly rate. Why? What does it tell you? The question you should be asking is how much will it cost me? Is their rate reflective of their knowledge & experience?



7. Will a Cheap Bookkeeper Save me Money?

This is another great question. You’ve been to a two-dollar shop and bought stuff. Maybe it was a bargain in the short term, but you don’t often get real value for money. It’s cheap because it will do the job, and you get what you pay for.



8. Licensed Software

Does the bookkeeper have their own licensed software? Do you have your own licensed software? You may think the bookkeeper is saving you money if they volunteer to use their software and not yours, but what happens when they no longer do your bookkeeping? How then do you access your records? My clients are encouraged to own their own licensed software.



9. Attention to Detail

Some bookkeepers are not really bookkeepers at all, they are accountants who think they can do bookkeeping. Just as a great builder may know about carpentry, unless he’s a trained and experienced carpenter he may not be able to do the job. There’s some accountants that know how to shortcut the bookkeeping process to get the end figures, but skate over detail that could be important to the running of your business.



10. Compatibility

Can you relate to your bookkeeper? Your bookkeeper should be able to talk to you in language you understand, to be able to carry out your instructions, and become an important asset to your Mandurah business.


Now you’ve found the best Mandurah bookkeeping service, so you can rest assured that youre in the right hands. Call us today to make an appointment.


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