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5 Accounting Tips

Here’s 5 Tips about Accounting Software for your Mandurah Bookkeeping Needs.

1.Buying any of the wonderful accounting software packages available for desktop, laptop, or handheld computers, does not turn into a bookkeeper.


Great marketing, but not such good advice. As many small business owners in and around Mandurah discover every day.


2. Accounting software is only as good as the information that’s entered you’ve heard of GIGOGarbage In, Garbage Out.


Knowing what to enter, and how, can have serious consequences in your record keeping.


3. The best way to master accounting software for your Mandurah business is to keep using it, practice every day. Most businesses do the bookwork once a week (when you’re tired) struggle and get frustrated when all the mistakes are made.


4. A simple error that can occur within seconds, can take hours to rectify particularly if you are not familiar with bookkeeping principles and/or the accounting software.


5. Have a look at how much time you are spending mastering the accounting software, then how much time it takes to do the bookwork for your Mandurah Business, and ask yourself these questions:


  1. How much money has it cost ME to do my own bookkeeping?
  2. How much money would it cost to have a professional Mandurah Bookkeeping service do the work for me?
  3. What is the net difference between 5(a) 5(b) above?
  4. How much money could I have made in the time I did my own bookkeeping (i.e making sales, etc)?
  5. Do you still fix your own motor vehicle, or take it to a mechanic to be serviced? Do you cut your own hair or go to a professional hairdresser?
  6. Doing your own bookkeeping could, SERIOUSLY, be costing you so much more money than you’ve even realised. That’s why smart business owners in and around hire a professional bookkeeping service.
  7. Don’t delay another minute, call us RIGHT NOW for an initial appraisal of your current bookkeeping.