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Finding a Bookkeeper


There’s a number of point to consider when finding a bookkeeper in Mandurah.


Until recently anybody could call themselves a bookkeeper, as there was no formal qualification, or legal requirements to safe-guard a small business owner.


Freelance bookkeepers that offer BAS services are required to be registered with the Australian Taxation Board.

So there’s a big grey area in the definition of when bookkeeping stops being bookkeeping and when it starts being BAS services.


A further problem that the Federal Government have created with the new bookkeeping legislation is that they didn’t want it to be too difficult for bookkeepers to become registered BAS agents, because they realise that there’s too much bookkeeping work to be done. Ask for referrals of current or past clients.


Where does that leave the Small Business Owner in Mandurah?

Business owners who are trying to tighten their belts think that they can save money by hiring bookkeepers that charge really low rates, not realising that the reason these bookkeepers are cheap is because they have little or no experience in freelance bookkeeping, even though they may have spent the last twenty years in the accounts department of some large organisation or even a bank.


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